e-tab STYLE

Your style,our passion


When form combines with substance

Slimmer, more compact and lighter than ever before, e-tab Style is able to follow you and thrill you for a long time. Powerful, fast and reliable is the perfect companion for your digital life. We thought about every detail, every element was designed to suit you and is at the right place at the right time.
Try the unique non-slip side grip allowing the tablet to firmly remain in your hands and giving you back a sense of stability hardly noticeable in other products. E-tab Style is designed to withstand any condition. We used a back cover made of sturdy aluminum, an exterior chassis of ultra-resistant polycarbonate and, above all, an incredible display with Full HD resolution (1920×1200) protected by a special tempered, scratchproof glass..STYLE-CUSTODIA (2)

As fast as a sprinter

Thanks to the powerful quad-core CPU, to its 2GB RAM and its fast flash memory, Your tablet will always be ready and willing to unleash its full power. E-tab style suits your needs saving energy when you are not using all of its features, but also using all four cores when you need power. We included so many sensors it is impossible to find an app causing a serious crisis to it: 3-axis gyro, accelerometer, light sensor, gravity sensor and pressure sensor. This way, you can take advantage of the most of the apps on Google Play Store.

Your style is on every detail

Its 10.1-inch display, protected by a robust high-strength tempered glass, is able to give you smooth, bright and brilliant images along with exciting Full HD 1080p videos. Compared to a normal HD display 1280 × 800, e-tab Style has a resolution of 1,920 × 1,200 and can display about one million and three hundred thousand more pixels! With over 2.3 million pixels drawn on the screen, you get an incredibly detailed and sharp view of images and videos. For instance, you can easily read an e-book without your eyes getting tired or enjoy your favorite movies in full HD. Thanks to the sensor, the screen brightness will be able to adapt to any environmental condition, always guaranteeing stunning images. dettagli

Stop time with a click

What a photo can reproduce to infinity has occurred only once. Your pictures tell stories, emotions, moments you would like to fix forever on the timeline. Therefore, we built two incredible cameras on our e-tab Style. You can capture all the important moments of your day, save them in your digital roll or in your external memory and immediately share them on your favorite social networks. If you want to take a selfie with your friends, the 2 million pixels front camera faithfully captures every nuance; the 8 million pixels back camera with autofocus, with the help of a bright LED flash, will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of finally being able to shoot in dark spaces with a tablet.


One style, a thousand usages

Try the amazing multi-user module. A tap is enough to switch to your customized configuration. Your documents, your images and your apps are stored in a workspace reserved only to you. This innovative feature allows you to have many different tablets in only one e-tab! At home, at work, with friends or with guests, e-tab is a faithful friend, that knows how to make you feel at ease. In addition, the innovative „unlock with a smile“ recognizes your face and unlocks the tablet only in your presence, faithfully protecting your privacy. You can also create user profiles with certain use limitations, for example, for children, for students or guests. multi-utente

Friendly, it chats with everyone

e-tab Style is supplied by an incredible amount connections. You can watch your movies on the TV using the HDMI cable, connect via Wi-Fi using the latest 802.11n standard, connect using Bluetooth, send pictures, music or movies to your TV with Chromecast technology or to the dongle you use with your screen or projector. You can also connect to the Internet using a simple 3G key, thanks to the functionality of the USB Host port. No limits even for your pen drive or mouse you are accustomed to use with the PC. chiacchera1

Companion of many adventures

Thanks to its incredible 8,800-mAH lithium polymer battery, you can chat, surf, watch movies and play all day long. The brightness regulator, the intelligent management of the processor and the advantages offered by Android Lollipop make sure your tablet has the highest potential. We designed our e-Style tab to last a full day with heavy usage and up to 7 days on standby. STYLE-batteria

Android Lollipop 5.1.1

Google Android 5.1.1 Lollipop is installed on each e-tab Style. This operating system has a more refined design, superior performance and many new functions. With its new immersive experience, you can read a book, watch a movie or play a video game using up to the ‚last pixel of the screen, hiding all that is not helpful to your activity. You could listen to your favorite music while surfing the web or reading your digital book. Android Lollipop ensures a very high efficiency of the system, optimizing the memory and improving the ‚use of the touchscreen, now faster and more responsive. Now you can print photos, web pages and images from your e-Tab Style, with any printer connected to Google Cloud Print, with HP ePrint or other printers for which an app in the Google Play Store is available. And Google Now gives you the right information at the right time. Traffic conditions, public transport schedules, game results and more.

An app for everything.

Whether you like to play, use the social networks or read the latest news, Google Play apps offer the perfect games for you and your needs. Choose from hundreds of thousands of apps, many of which in Italian, making unique your device. E-tab-Style already has the applications necessary for managing Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, for reading e-books, for watching videos and images, for the management of compressed files and email. There is no web page that you cannot visit or song that you cannot listen. We designed this e-tab to adapt to you and make your style unique!



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