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Android is everywhere. And it’s easy to understand why: It is powerful, flexible and very easy to use. Windows on the other hand seems made to improve your productivity and make your business smarter. Designed to combine the simplicity of Android to Windows productivity Remix OS is the hero of two worlds. It is bringing all the key elements of Android and many of the winning features of Windows, without inheriting any of the disadvantages. You are about to enter the next chapter of Android.

What’s Remix OS?


Remix OS is the best in the Android world. An operating system that finally brings the experience of a PC in the Android world, compatible with over 1.5 million Android applications, that you can install directly from the Play Store. It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen because it makes possible the harmonious combination of simplicity and functionality. It is the wave of innovation that users of a tablet were waiting for a long time. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back.

Remix OS 2.0

Remix OS 2.0. How do they realize it

Remix OS is much more than a simple sum of features based on the zeros and ones of the binary system. Where the designers have focused is rather the huge range of experience that lies in between. There, inside each line of code a full range of features make Remix OS use more functional and the interface more attractive.

Remix OS 2.0. Design philosophy

The Remix OS guidelines

A great operating system is that, whose you do not perceive the presence, while you are using it.  How to create something significantly different and special, whose essence lies just in its invisibility? The three key guidelines of Remix OS 2.0 have been formulated basing on the beauty of nature and its teachings.

The simplicity


Sometimes “less” can mean “more.” The simplicity draws the fine line of what is, neither more nor less, just right. Deviate from this line leads in most cases to create an unusable product. Remix OS is a selection of what is important to you: what was difficult was made easier, what was already easy was simplified any more.

The intuition


In over thirty years of history of the operating systems, many features and many functions have stood the test of time. In order to pay homage to our predecessors and to let users move in an environment already known, Jide  commit to ensuring those who enter the Remix OS 2.0 to feel  home.

The vitality


The ‘hardware is by its nature cold and inanimate. It is the interaction between user and hardware, made possible by the software, who gives life to a device. For this reason, Jide wanted Remix to be a reflection of nature in which we live. Intertwined in each Remix OS 2.0 pixels there are ideas taken from the elements – air, water, light – and their dynamism. This make your user experience even more vivid and realistic.

Key elements



Unlimited multitasking

Why should we be satisfied with a single app at the time? Remix OS 2.0 is a multi-window, that means you can quickly switch between windows with a real multitasking. So you can complete a presentation with Office, while doing a search in your browser and you talk to your colleague on Skype.
Everything at once.


An old acquaintance, in a bright new environment


Do you remember the old taskbar? In Remix it will be dusted off, so you can do more things even faster. For example, you can switch between apps  touching an icon or clicking the mouse. The start menu, and the bar are always at hand: With one you can find and launch all your apps, with the other you can change the settings, adjust the volume and do anything else.

The notifications

Never miss a notification

Notifications have been completely renovated in order to exploit all the pixels of your screen. Now they appear on the right side of the e-tab Pro display. Just a simple touch. And there is also an icon to display notifications by a click of the mouse. Convenient, is not it?

Keyboard and mouse support

Rewrite the rules and aims for excellence

To e-tab Pro with Remix OS you will try a new writing experience indeed. The e – keyboard allows you to use all the shortcuts (eg. CTRL + C and CTRL + V) you need for simplifying the proceeding, as it was matter of a real PC.
We know how much accuracy and functionality can result from the use of a mouse. That why it was restored on Android the “right click”, who allows you to use in Remix OS all the additional performances of your applications.
You can perform the most common tasks such as “cut and paste” or “create new document “ quickly and easily and your productivity will benefit.

File Manager

The most advanced file manager in the world on Android

Surprisingly one of the most exciting features of Remix OS is ​​just what you can not do: look for the files. Thanks to its intuitive interface the Remix file manager offers you an extraordinary collection of functionalities. The problem to find out where a file end up, does not arise anymore. You can access, move and save your document with an ease unknown in the Android world.

Compatible with Office

A report to be written and sent immediately; the finishing touches on a presentation: we know how Office is vital for your work. That why we have equipped Remix OS with Office for Android, which gives you all you need to carry out a work well done, you can write your text with Microsoft Word, design your own spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel or create your presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can even take notes and save them in the cloud using the pen and Microsoft OneNote. E-tab Pro with Remix OS breaks down every limit and makes you productive.

Endless possibilities with Google Play

The selection of the world’s largest application – that of the Google Play Store – is available with just one click. Over 2 million applications to discover and download for your work and for your free time.