e-tab 3G


Built to perfection


Beautiful, powerful and versatile, completely redesigned. The new-tab is studied in every detail to enable you to live an entirely new experience. The only tablet with the ability to switch from one system to another. And with the innovative Android-based Remix OS.

The colors are more vivid, movies more exciting. With full connectivity that will allow you to work, create, play and learn. All at the highest level. This is your new e-tab: a PC and a tablet, all in one. And always at hand.

Find out what e-tab can do for you

More light. More color.
You will see it yourself.

Hyper. Ultra. Super. Mega. E-tab screen is superb in every respect.
It is like opening your eyes to the world for the first time.



Your view is going to change. It will never be the same with the new spectacular Clear HD screen. A 9.7″ wide surface with 2.048×1.536 resolution and 300 lumens brightness. This means an extremely high pixel density, 264 PPI for this type of screen. Thanks to the adoption of an up to three times thinner modern crystal structure and the extraordinary IGZO® technology, images and colors are real beyond imagination. With IPS technology, the viewing angle of the screen is so wide that you can show your pictures and videos to anyone who is close to you.
Get ready for a new experience. The show is about to begin.


You at the heart of everything we do

The design of e-tab is intended for hyper-functionality.
Because the good things never happen by chance


With e-tab, appearance is also substance. This means maximum functionality and unrivalled ergonomics, because we want to surprise you. From the moment you open the elegant box until you start working. Or creating, playing, surfing. You can feel it on your fingers, its blunted corners, its manageability, its grinding to the touch. The beauty of e-tab is never an end in itself, but it is meant to give you back the most captivating experience you can imagine. We are sure that you will not be able to do without it.




The best of Android. The best of Windows.

Remix OS is a new exciting operating system completely based on Android.
It combines the best of Android and the best of Windows in a new and captivating experience.

Remix OS is a new exciting operating system completely based on Android. It combines within itself the best of Android and the best of Windows in a new and captivating experience.
It has an intuitive dock that suits your habits. All Android apps are compatible with Remix OS and you can run them as windows, as in Windows. You can even open many windows at the same time.
Remix offers full support for keyboard shortcuts (eg. Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V) and works well with our exclusive SmartKeyboard and with a computer mouse. The intuitive and convenient email client, along with the file manager, automatically grouping all your files, allow you to work and relax with e-tab Remix.



The hero of the two worlds

There is a time for working and a time for playing. How about a time to do both?

The power of a computer, the fun of a tablet. The unique e-tab ban have a dual operating system. Two OS integrated into a single device. Choose your version of e-tab: with Remix OS, only with Android, only with Windows or both Windows and Android. All the apps for Android and Windows productivity. Your home and your office in one e-tab: the first tablet systematically operativeo.




A beautiful mind

The power of a computer, the fun of a tablet. The simple and elegant design encloses a technology of the latest generation.

Think of all the technology that comes to your mind. With e-tab we did our best, equipping it with a modern quad-core Intel Atom processor, different from the standard ones, capable of operating at up to 2.16 GHz. It is the best way to achieve high performance without compromises. Thanks to Intel X86 architecture, e-tab is compatible with operating systems very different from each other, such as Windows, Android and Remix OS. You can expand the storage capacity up to an additional 128GB through a common MicroSD. This is the real meaning of the word “adaptability”.



Built to perfection

So solid, so light. It is the choice of materials that makes e-tab so unique.

Such a light and indestructible object cannot be found every day. We worked hard to select the materials and the procedures. The sturdy sandblasted aluminum shell, built with the sophisticated technique of hot chamber die-casting, gives the feeling of a uniform metal composition and a smoother texture to the touch. The frosted edges and the monocoque with the polycarbonate band embellish the silhouette and the elegant and functional design is a feast for the eyes and the fingers. All this to give you a tablet above all expectations. The essence of e-tab is something you can see and touch.




Long-lasting energy

The secret to the perfect performance is to put the maximum energy.
e-tab gives you all the autonomy you need.
More than just a battery, but a full orchestra.


Whatever you do, let the energy flow. Whether it is a presentation, or you are watching a movie, listening to a song, or all these things together. Discover e-tab’s high Lithium Polymer battery capacity. It allows you to work up to 9 hours and up to 7 days on standby. And thanks to the modern technology of energy management Intel DPTF your e-tab will not heat up much, even during the most demanding tasks. Because what matters is always to have the energy to go the whole hog.



Absolute connectivity

A tap on the display is enough to be here and there at the same time. Today it is easy to be ubiquitous.
Because e-tab simply connects to everything.

connettivitàWatch your movies on e-tab. And at the same time allow twenty people to watch it on TV with a big screen in the next room. You can do this thanks to the integrated WiDi connectivity. With Wi-Fi Dual Band you can surf on two frequency bands, without wires and without interference in densely populated areas, such as apartment buildings or offices. Your device shares photos and videos in a blink of an eye. There are no limits: 3G, Wi-Fi 802.11n Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and WiDi. With e-tab you can use all the maps, augmented reality apps and geolocation. Take a trip to Svalbard will be like a walk in the park next to your place.




Music for your eyes

You can reach your heart also through your ears.

The pleasure of listening goes a step further. e-sound earphones are designed for true connoisseurs of the perfect audio. The connector is gold plated, with three silver rings. Because sound travels better through the noblest materials. With a magical cable, flat and soft to the touch, specifically made for not to twist. A set of three pairs of earbuds in three different sizes. Equipped with a magnet in order to keep your precious instruments well organized. If you love music, you will be persuaded by your own ears. With e-tab, you can hear, see and touch the perfect sound.



Power runs on the edge

With a power supply outside the box, as far as design and technology are concerned,
the charging time is a record.
e-tab is above standards on every aspect.

A tablet with 8000 mAh battery, as e-tab, requires an ace power supply. Therefore, our 2.4-Ampere USB power supply had to come with by a higher quality cable, which could guarantee support for up to 2.4 amperes, becoming one of the best cables in circulation. Inside it, there are as many as 80 strands of copper, more than double compared to a 1-Ampere standard cable. In other words, a highway of electrons. The battery can be recharged in just three and a half hours. How about the design? It is equipped with built-in cable-reel. It has two magnets, a ribbon cable and a flat USB to avoid twisting. We wanted it to be powerful, but also beautiful and functional. Nothing is left to chance, because the essence is in the details.




Top performance

When you buy a product from Microtech, you enter a world designed in every detail.
Not only technology, but also the highest level of technical support.

Taking care of you means to help, listen and anticipate your needs. With e-tab, you are entitled to after-sales assistance that protects you and pays you full attention. Because anything important is evaluated in the long run. For any type of problem included in the warranty, we promise to pick your e-tab up for free. The repair takes place in our Assistance Division in Milan. Then we return it to your home repaired, within only 5 working days from the collection (for the islands it will take up to four more days at most). You can always track the collection operations, the repair status and the return date, all at our expenses, by accessing your Customer Area. Therefore, you will always know where it is and to what point is the repair of your e-tab at. Naturally, we hope you will never need it, but whatever your necessities are, you can always choose the warranty extension that is best suited to you.


Download e-tab 3G Brochure here

The accessories can be slightly different from the pictures, with no variations in quality and technology.