Let’s dream to draw and then draw your own dreams

Now you can do it with e-notes

The excellence art takes today the form of a thin and light stylus pen, you can finally write down your thoughts with without using any keyboard or you can draw reaching an impressive detail level.

512 levels of hand pressure

e-notes recognizes up to 512 levels of hand pressure, so you can mark the stretch or make it thinner, according to your needs. And you can draw your masterpiece.

The screen of e-tab Pro senses the pen when it is close to it, without creating an unwanted touch. This way you can write naturally, resting your hand on the screen as it was just a sheet of paper.

Windows Ink

e-notes support the modern technology Windows Ink, which enables to use the pen quickly and intuitively for the’ execution of simple actions, as the quick revision of a test in Microsoft Word, the use of maps, the web browsing, and every apps compatible with this new technology.

Did you dream of becoming an artist?

Now you can start drawing.