Thin, light and more beautiful than ever, e-keyboard is the first of a new generation of keyboards.


When beauty meets functionality

Here is e-keyboard

Robust, ultra-thin aluminum e-keyboard offers its best profile in a less than 1 cm thickness, and represent the perfect merger between beauty and functionality, which is guaranteed by the presence of two natural size USB 2.0 ports, that enable you to use the flash drive, mouse and printer.


The perfect tool for your productivity

The large multi-touch touchpad provides complete support to gestures, to click and the right click, like a real mouse.
Practical LEDs notification indicate you even if you are using the caps lock or if the keyboard is turned on and running. Short-stroke keys greatly increase the comfort and the pleasure of writing. Nothing was left to chance in e-keyboard.


Fingerprint reader

In addition there is the new fingerprint reader, compatible with Windows 10, and with modern technology Windows Hello. However, why should you remember your password when you can become your password?
Just put your finger and access smoothly to Windows or to all apps and websites that support Windows Hello.